Lindsey Margaret Allen is the founder of Elemmay Productions, LLC and the Creative Producer and Host of POINT OF ORIGIN. Lindsey’s work is grounded in expanding awareness about supply chains as a means to help people make informed decisions about what they eat - in support of their own health as well as the health and well-being of our global communities and the environment.

From growing up in Chicago to a brief career in agricultural development across multiple countries in Africa and Europe, she noticed how much of a priority people place on food access and availability without any cognizance of how supply chains have transformed over the past two decades. Lindsey’s purpose is to help people develop deeper relationships with the food they interact with everyday, and to create an access point for the way we think about redesigning our food systems.


I want to help us build deeper relationships with our food.


POINT OF ORIGIN is a docu-series in development following food sustainability expert Lindsey Margaret Allen.

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Hi, my name is Lindsey Margaret Allen And I want to help us build deeper relationships with our food.

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