I want to help us build deeper relationships with our food. My journey started in Chicago - a city with a high concentration of food deserts, or low food access for Black and Brown communities. As I grew older and began a career in agricultural development abroad, the disconnect between those buying food and those growing food that I witnessed in Chicago came full circle. I spent time with agribusinesses in Morocco, Ghana, and other countries across the continent that were working to create better opportunity for farmers on the ground while marketing sustainability solutions for food companies at the other end of the supply chain. Being in that position, in the middle of our food supply chains, I realized how little truly disconnected we are from the people growing our food.

After obtaining my B.S in Political Science from Santa Clara University, I lived in Morocco for a year conducting research as a Fulbright Scholar. I then moved to Ghana where I worked for an agricultural social enterprise expanding a portfolio of corporate clients across cocoa, shea, pineapple, and rice value chains. After working in corporate partnerships and investor relations for a Cameroonian agribusiness, I went back to the drawing board to study for a M.S. in Environment and Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

After working in food supply chains across multiple cultural contexts, I was eager to better understand the environmental, political, and economic foundation for our global food and trade systems.

The convergence of living in cities suffocated by food deserts, a learned sensitivity to marginalized perspectives outside of Western-centric narratives, as well as a recognized importance of food knowledge is what brought me to the drawing board for POINT OF ORIGIN.

Throughout my career and education experiences, POINT OF ORIGIN was a side hustle - the learnings I was experiencing were poured into the concept I was developing. The pandemic - a reckoning moment for us all - pushed me to realize that, more than ever, our society needs an access point to know more about the communities growing our food. In 2020, I started Elemmay Productions, LLC. as a vehicle to begin developing POINT OF ORIGIN full-time.

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